Meet Pastor Vaprezsan

Pastor Vaprezsan was born in Hammond, Indiana. His parents, John and Linda Vaprezsan, were very involved in the First Baptist Church, pastored by the late Dr. Jack Hyles.

When he was 5 years old, the Lord directed his father to Pastor the Metro Baptist Church inBelleville, Michigan.

It was there, on July 27, 1978, as an eleven year old boy, Pastor John W Vaprezsan trusted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. Since that time, his hearts desire has been to introduce others to Christ and see them grow in their relationship with Him.

He graduated in 1984 from Metro Baptist High School and went on to Hyles-Anderson College where he later graduated as well. He has a Bachelor of Science from Christian Bible college as well as a Masters Degree and Doctorate of Ministry from Baptist College of America.

Pastor Vaprezsan was called to Freedom Baptist Church on September 1, 2010.