About Us

Freedom Baptist Church was established in June of 2008 when Brockington Road and Oakwood Baptist Churches merged, under the leadership of Pastor John Mix. We are an independent, fundamental, New Testament church that exists for the sole purpose of Lifting Up Jesus. Our focus is on people and helping them pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

It is our belief that God is the Judge of this world, not man.  Therefore, you can have individual soul liberty and allow God to direct you. Baptists have believed this for centuries. Our church is a place of healing for many who have been abused and hurt.  That is why we are called Freedom, so that you can “stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free." Come experience Freedom!

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9:45 am 
Classes for Children, Teens,
and Adults

10:30 am
Morning Services



Praise and Prayer Groups